1. PAM Series Automatic Self-Priming Pump with Brass Impeller CoverThe automatic self-priming pump features a novel structure by integrating the motor and the pump body into a single unit, which ensures aesthetical appearance. Additionally, the self primer is characterized by stable performance, low maintenance, as well as convenient use, transportation and installation.
    1. MJSm Self-Priming Jet Pump with Built-In EjectorIn this regard, our clear water self priming pump not only cuts down the labor intensity, but also saves a lot of electricity, usually 5%-27% for pumping 1 ton of water. If requested, some special materials could be adopted.

Self-Priming Pump

The self-priming pump is a kind of centrifugal pump that boasts self priming function which makes it suitable to lift liquids from containers that are below the pump, and it delivers reliable performance with easy operation. Our self primer only requires liquid filling for the initial use after installation, indicating that this operation is no longer needed for the future use.

1. Since the self-priming centrifugal pump has self priming function, there is no need to use a foot valve, and there should be a certain amount of liquid in the pump casing prior to starting. In this way, the pipe system is simplified, and labor condition is improved.

2. The self-priming pump is featured by compact structure, simple operation, stable running, high efficiency, easy maintenance and long life span. In addition, the pump switch is automatically controlled according to water pressure change in the pipeline.

3. This water pump has a suction lift of 2-4m which changes with the density of pumped liquid, and it is a preferred choice to work instead of clumsy submersible pumps.