1. MKP Series Peripheral PumpThis peripheral pump is made from high-strength and highly anti-corrosive raw materials, thus realizing good corrosion resistance and protecting pumped liquid from contamination.
    1. MQP Series Peripheral PumpThe water inlet is designed at the side surface of the pump. Due to the rational structure design, the peripheral pump is available with a great number of advantages, including reliable sealing ...
    1. MKPH Series Hot Water Peripheral PumpOur hot water peripheral pump has found a wide range of applications in many fields, such as metallurgy, aquaculture, ship building, light textile, fire protection, chemical engineering, machine manufacturing, agricultural irrigation, heat ...

Peripheral Pump

The peripheral pump is primarily composed of impeller, pump body and pump cover, and the space created by these three components is the flow channel. When started, pumped liquids flow into the pump via inlet port and gain energy when the impeller rotates, then they are discharged by the discharge port. During this process, the liquids enter into and leave the impeller for several times, forming a vertical vortex, that is why our product derives its name.

Noise Level
The adoption of Z4 grade bearing not only means low vibration noise is realized, but also indicates that the service life of our peripheral pump is prolonged.

Surface Finish
The pump body and pump bracket receive electrophoresis treatment; while the impeller and impeller cover are made of copper alloy to offer long-lasting anti-rust performance. In this way, rust, which may block the pump, is avoided. So, pumped water is very clean for future use.

Operating Condition
1. Ambient temperature: Usually not over +40℃
2. Liquid temperature: Usually not over +60℃
3. Liquid PH: 6.5-8.5
4. Power supply: 50Hz/1P/220V±10% or 50Hz/3P/380V±10%, unless otherwise specified

Application Range
Our peripheral pump is able to work as a clear water pump to deal with water that doesn't contain abrasive particles, or as a high pressure peripheral pump to wash and cool machine tools, or as a domestic booster pump to pump water from wells and boost water pressure.

1. Compact structure, small size, light weight and aesthetic look
2. Self-primed or realize this function with the help of some simple devices
3. Gas-liquid transportation for some models
4. Steep characteristic curve
5. High delivery pressure (H)

1. Low capacity (Q), bad anti-cavitation performance
2. Low efficiency (typically 22%-33%)
3. Not applicable for viscous liquids because pumping efficiency will decrease dramatically and power consumption will increase accordingly
4. Not applicable for solid-containing liquids since there should be a clearance between impeller and each side of pump body