1. MCP Series Centrifugal PumpThis horizontal centrifugal pump has a working efficiency of 38%-80% which is pretty high among different kinds of water pumps, and it is more energy-saving than peripheral pump and jet ...
    1. MCPH Hot Water Centrifugal PumpThe impeller uses a locking device to protect itself from reverse rotation, and superior quality alloys are adopted for mechanical seal, thus extending the service life of our cast iron centrifugal pump.
    1. MCPH Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump for Hot WaterOur hot water circulating pump is able to deal with hot water up to +90℃, and its unique centrifugal impeller helps to cut down the noise level. For the pump body, its wetted surface undergoes electrophoresis to prevent rusting.
    1. 2MCP Series Two-Stage Centrifugal PumpThe pump shaft exhibits good concentricity, and the impeller has excellent dynamic and static balancing properties. Thus, our horizontal centrifugal pump is able to work ...
    1. 2MCPH Series Two-Stage Centrifugal Pump for Hot WaterThis stainless steel hot water centrifugal pump adopts a highly efficient and energy saving hydraulic model, so it exhibits high efficiency and wide performance range, thereby better meeting customer requirement.
    1. MHF Series Medium Flow Centrifugal PumpThis is a double suction centrifugal pump indicating it has a double suction impeller, and it shows a wide flow range and a moderate head, making it applicable for industrial circulating water as well as water in district heating ...
    1. MHF Series High Flow Centrifugal PumpOur product adopts static seal rather than shaft seal to provide reliable and leak free pumping solution, and it is highly appreciated by global customers due its remarkable properties, such as low noise of the motor, low failure ...
    1. MF Series Hot Water Centrifugal PumpThe MF series hot water centrifugal pump is scientifically designed and meticulously crafted according to international standards. This horizontal centrifugal pump is sometimes referred to as fluoroplastic centrifugal pump or boiler feedwater pump.
    1. MCPG Series Hot Water Centrifugal PumpThe motor is outfitted with an overheat protector, and its cooling fan is very effective for heat dissipation. As a result, our horizontal centrifugal pump shows a prolonged service life.
    1. MSV Series Vertical Multi-Stage Centrifugal PumpWhat makes this sanitary centrifugal pump so competitive on the world market lies in its high efficiency, good energy conservation and low price. These properties are also the most important advantages of our pump.

Centrifugal Pump

Working Principle
A centrifugal pump is mainly composed of impeller and volute casing or impeller and guide vane. During working, the impeller rotates at a high speed and creates a vacuum at the impeller eye as a result of the centrifugal force, and this vacuum continuously draws more fluid into the impeller. From pump inlet to pump outlet, the impeller transfers rotational kinetic energy to the liquid flow, and the liquid, with high velocity, moves from the impeller into the volute casing or guide vane, in which its velocity energy is converted into potential energy which is represented by fluid pressure, and then the pumped liquid is discharged.

The abovementioned process cycles again and again, thereby realizing liquid transportation and pressure boosting.

There are various kinds of centrifugal pumps available at MARQUIS, including single-stage centrifugal pump, multi-stage centrifugal pump, vertical centrifugal pump, horizontal centrifugal pump, self-priming centrifugal pump, etc. These water pumps have large capacity, strong power, stable performance and long service life, thus offering reliable result all the time.

We could design and manufacture best-fit centrifugal pumps according to the specific working condition and installation location, and our 8 years of production experience enables us to supply reliable products as always. Moreover, we have exclusive agents in dozens of countries around the world, making us capable of delivering complete after-sales service anywhere.