1. SUP Series Submersible Clean Water PumpThis single-phase submersible pump is designed and optimized by computers, and it offers distinctive performance in pumping water with solid particles or long fibers.
    1. SA Series Submersible Clean Water PumpOur submersible water pump is mainly utilized to feed water to boilers, high-rise buildings and fire fighting systems, and it is also suitable for garden irrigation, aquatic breeding, water washing, mechanical fluid transportation ...
    1. V Series Submersible Sewage PumpOur vertical sewage pump is submerged in liquids to be pumped during operation. As a result, it realizes easy start without the need of air discharging before work.
    1. 4SW Series Deep Well Submersible PumpThe stainless steel submersible motor has an insulation class of F, and it is filled with special oil that makes it suitable to work at 155°C at the most. In addition, it fits for food machinery.
    1. 4SWS Series Deep Well Submersible PumpThis is an oil-filled submersible pump indicating that the submersible motor is filled with lubrication oil, while all the spigots are sealed with oil-resistant O-rings. On the other hand, the shaft extension ...
    1. 6SWS Series Deep Well Submersible PumpIf different delivery pressure levels are required, operators could change the number of stage as well as cut the impeller to get desired outer diameter without affecting its floor area.

Submersible Pump

A submersible pump consists of pump and submersible motor, and the whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The pump shares the same working principle with common pumps though there are some differences in their structure, but the submersible motor, which is divided into dry type, wet type and canned type, differs a lot from conventional ones.

Dry Submersible Motor
The dry submersible motor is similar to ones used on land, but there are some obvious changes. More specifically, the connection surfaces are sealed with rubber ring or rubber gasket, the motor shaft extension is mechanically sealed, the cable is specifically designed for underwater use and its external conductor shall be sealed by rubber sleeve or rubber ring.

The picture above is a dry submersible pump composed of a dry submersible motor and a centrifugal pump with open impeller, and it is intended for the transference of water that has particles. A dry submersible motor is inferior to wet ones in the aspects of reliability and life span because its performance is affected by mechanical seal as well as sealing conditions at cables and connection surfaces, but it is relatively cheap.

Oil/Water-Filled Submersible Motor
Deep well submersible pumps usually make use of oil-filled or water-filled submersible motor, and these motors have strict requirements for cables, bearings and other components in rust and corrosion resistance. Accordingly, they are pretty expensive.

Canned Submersible Motor
For a canned submersible motor, its stator windings are hermetically encapsulated in stainless steel or plastic housing which is filled with resin. The rotor cavity allows the entrance of water, and the shaft extension doesn’t require sealing. This product exhibits high reliability and long service life, but its manufacturing cost is also high.

As illustrated above, submersible pumps are classified into dry submersible pump, wet submersible pump (which is further divided into water-filled type and oil-filled type) and canned submersible pump.