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Pump Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is usually used in combination with a self-priming pump to create an automatic self-priming pump. The pump pressure switch is typically installed at the discharge cavity of a water pump. One of its ends is connected to the power supply while the other end is connected to the motor.

During pump operation, when the system pressure exceeds the cut-off pressure, our water pump pressure switch will turn off the pump by switching off the power supply. On the other hand, if the system pressure is lower than the cut-on pressure, this automatic pressure switch will switch on the power supply so as to start the pump.  

In this regard, our pump pressure switch helps to realize unattended running of water pumps, and allows for water supply automatically. As a result, this adjustable pressure switch not only saves energy, but also reduces labor intensity.

Technical Data of Pump Pressure Switch
Model Specification
PS-02 1.4-2.8 bar
Steel or plastic bottom
PS-02A Automatic pump shut off with min. working pressure above 0.7bar
PS-03 0.7-1.6 bar
1.0-1.6 bar
1.1-1.8 bar
1.6-2.6 bar
PS-04 2.1-3.5 bar
PS-05 -

Note: Pressure ranges listed above indicate the cut-on and cut-off pressure.

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