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Other Accessories

1. Electromagnetic Switch
The electromagnetic switch is an automatic pump control component installed at the discharge port, and one of its two pipes is connected to the discharge port (or the discharge pipeline) while the other is connected to the discharge pipeline (or the other side of the discharge pipeline). The wiring system should be in accordance with corresponding wiring diagram, which means the two ends shall be connected to power supply and motor power wiring, respectively.

If plugged into an electric power supply, the POWER ON light will be on and the water pump will start working, but it will stop automatically when the pre-set water pressure is achieved. Then, open a faucet and the pump will start automatically and immediately to maintain water pressure inside the pipeline. When there is no water inside the pipeline, the pump will stop at once to avoid running without any load, thus protecting both the motor and the pump.

From this point of view, our electromagnetic switch is a truly intelligent pump control device which could start and stop water pumps according to detected water pressure inside the pipeline, thus providing an alternative solution for conventional pump control system that is composed of pressure tank, mechanical pressure switch and other components.

Available Model
At present, MARQUIS electromagnetic switch is offered in several models, including EC-1, EC-1.1, EC-2, EC-2.1, EC-2.2, EC-3, EC-3.1, EC-4 and EC-5. In addition, some key parameters are listed on the nameplates, such as Maximum Power, Maximum Pressure, Maximum Current, Protection Class, Starting Pressure and Connection Size.

2. Pressure Tank
As a kind of pump accessory, the pressure tank is installed at the discharge pipeline to work together with a pressure switch in order to realize automatic pump control, and its major function is to store liquids and retain pressure.

Three key parameters for our stainless steel pressure tank are maximum volume, maximum pressure and connection size, and the typical values are 2L, 2.8bar and 1".

3. Foot Valve
The foot valve is mounted at the bottom of suction pipe, and it is intended to facilitate pump start. For non self-priming pumps, water must be filled into the suction pipe and pump casing before operation, and a foot valve offers help in this. So, it must be well sealed to eliminate water leakage.

4. Float Switch
The float switch is a fluid level controller utilized to protect submersible motors, and it is fixed to the submersible pump in factory. When water level is high enough to submerge pumps, the float switch will float horizontally on the water, and accordingly, the submersible pump will be powered on to work. However, if the water level decreases gradually to the pre-set value, the float switch will hang down, and the pump will be powered off.

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