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Water Pump for Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural irrigation generally means drawing water from underground, water channel or impounding reservoir. The water pump employed shall be automatically adjusted according to the working conditions, to offer optimal pressure and flow rate.

Traditionally, water distribution refers to drawing water from low water sources, or pumping water with constant speed and pressure. The simplest way to achieve this is to use high flow water pumps, but it is undoubtedly a waste of water, energy and money.

MARQUIS-Modern Agricultural Irrigation Professional
Our variable frequency water pump regulates its head and delivery capacity to compensate the variation of water level and to reduce the energy cost. If filtration is required during pumping, the intelligently controlled water pump can be applied to ensure constant water pressure at the nozzle.

As a professional water pump supplier, MARQUIS offers wide range of irrigation pumping solutions featuring low energy cost, good water source protection and high overall productivity. The variable frequency water pump and pump controller could work together to response to the change of working conditions automatically, whilst the operation cost is cut down at the same time. In addition, all the components of our water pump are designed in advance so as to match with each other perfectly.

MARQUIS water pump helps to provide irrigation water with desired water pressure and flow rate for modern agriculture, and our pumping system has passed reliability test.

1. Underground Water
The implementation of MARQUIS technology and experience makes it possible to transport sufficient underground water for irrigation at low cost. Our company has a series of variable frequency submersible pump and vertical peripheral pump, and these products allow automatic response based on the change of underground working environment, thus pumping water from underground at a low operation cost. To bring more convenience to our clients, MARQUIS also offers professional knowledge needed to realize correct pump operation.

Besides, the pump control system further guarantees pumping stability through the utilization of no-load protector or power supply protector. These plug and play devices match with our water pump and motor perfectly.

2. Surface Water
Since the rise and fall of water level may lead to different waterhead when pumping water from water channel or impounding reservoir, a proper water pump shall be selected.

A single frequency water pump is only effective when pumping water from low water level, because its energy consumption is very high under high water level conditions. However, our variable frequency water pump can be adjusted automatically to compensate water level variation, thus improving overall agricultural productivity effectively.

With the assistance of MARQUIS water pumps, farmers could acquire a balanced pumping solution suitable for different water levels, while no-load running, air bound condition and motor failure are all avoided.