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Water Pump for Commercial Water Supply

MARQUIS water pressure booster system optimizes its software, and you can find compensation function that compensates the friction loss in large pipeline system, as well as water pressure set up function which makes our booster pump an ideal choice for places with unstable power supply.

On the other hand, sanitary working is sometimes required. Given this, we use stainless steel to make the manifold to avoid corrosion, while all the surfaces, connections and corners are completely smooth and crack-free. Accordingly, hard-to-clean positions are not generated, thus laying a solid foundation for sanitary working.

1. Water Supply in Entertainment Venues
Swimming pools, whirlpool baths and water parks will benefit from MARQUIS water pumps significantly since our single stage water pump can circulate water effectively, and its reliable sanitizer delivery system ensures water safety.

In entertainment venues, the pollution caused by legionella shall be avoided using chlorine gas and chlorine dioxide (gas, liquid or powder). Our sanitizer delivery system is applicable for all the abovementioned media, and it even allows on-site production of sanitizer by taking common salt as the basic material for chlorine gas. If so, fresh chlorine is always at hand rather than being stored with great caution, and the final sanitizer could be fabricated strictly following customers' needs. In this way, the sanitizer requires little storage space, and the cost for safe storage is also reduced.

2. Sewage Discharge in Commercial Buildings
In apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings, a large amount of waste water and sewage are discharged every day, and the applied sewage water pump must provide a safe and efficient water discharge solution with low maintenance rate.

Our pumping station is particularly designed to optimize operating efficiency and cut down both operation cost and installation cost. Moreover, we are at your service to provide expertise so as to help with model selection, installation, operation and maintenance.