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Water Pump for Household water supply

MARQUIS is a trustworthy and reputable water pump supplier in China, and our pumps have been extensively utilized in household water supplys and peripheral facilities to make our life simpler but better.

Advantage of MARQUIS Pump
1. Comfort and Convenience

In modern society, people have higher and higher requirements in water supply, heat network and sewage treatment of household water supplys, and these needs should be met unquestioningly. Our intelligent solution and energy-saving technology have already offered more comfortable and convenient living conditions for millions of people around the world, and we hope to create a comfortable home for you as well.

2. Wide Application Range
Our domestic water pumps are suitable for one or two families, and they can be installed in basement or roof aside from common installation sites. These products could be incorporated into heating networks or water supply systems, and they can also help you to deal with sewage, evacuate flood in the garden and basement, or collect rain water. For places where water pressure is too low or instable, our water pumps could be installed to provide stable water supply in a highly efficient way.

Taking every possibility into consideration, our water pump is meticulously designed to fit for more applications. For example, the submersible pump is usually installed below ground to deliver household sewage, such as waste water discharged by washing machines, water sinks or showers. In addition, we have sales agents all over the world, so it is quite easy to get our pumps and total solutions.

3. Flexibility and Reliability
The lightweight portable water pump allows more flexibility during use, and you can take it to anywhere that requires temporary water drainage, such as evacuating water from flooded areas, swimming pools or ponds.

On the other hand, the outstanding performance, high reliability and high durability enable our water pumps to offer maintenance-free working for a long time, thus facilitating your daily life.

4. Energy Conservation
Energy saving is very important for sustainable development, and our domestic water pump is designed strictly following this concept to offer efficient pumping solution with low energy consumption, thus cutting down energy cost without compromising its functionality.

Application of MARQUIS Pump
1. Heating Network

A warm and comfortable living environment in winter depends on the centralized or district heating networks. Our hot water circulating pump is an indispensable part for these heating networks, and it is used to transport hot water from boiler to heating devices like radiator, thus warming up your home.

2. Sewage and Flood Drainage
For most people, domestic waste water just needs to be discharged into the sewer, and this is correct under most conditions. However, if you want to add extra sanitary equipment at locations far from the main sewage pipe in your house, or your basement is flooded, our sewage pumping solution will just work.

The domestic sewage pumping solution is applicable for one family or two families at the same time, and it mainly refers to submersible pump, portable sewage pump, as well as lift pumping station which could deliver grey water and sanitary wastewater into the main drainpipe.

No matter what you are seeking for, we can provide corresponding pumping solutions to create a clean, healthy and comfortable family life for you!

3. Domestic Water Supply
Some people may think that it is very easy to get continuous fresh water from their faucets or shower heads, but in fact, this is a luxury since achieving this needs the help of creative pumping techniques. MARQUIS water pumps are able to provide uninterrupted water supply for worldwide customers, no matter you are living in the downtown of New York, or in the rural buildings in Nairobi.

On the other hand, low water pressure is also a major concern in daily life, and this is commonly seen when several faucets are opened at the same time, or in remote areas where water pressure loss is pretty high. Given this, our pumps are scientifically designed so as to provide water with desired water pressure and flow rate to avoid such annoying phenomena, and they are reliable, durable, user-friendly and easy-to-install. Aside from this, water pressure boosting, garden irrigation and other applications are also acceptable.