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Water Pump for Industrial Waste Water Treatment

As a global water pump manufacturer and wholesaler, MARQUIS offers effective solutions to treat organic wastewater, chemical wastewater or the combination of the two. As a result, waste water will be discharged to the sewage treatment plants or the environment in a reliable way.

Water Type
Our sewage pump is intended to deal with waste water containing gravel, grease or solid particle, and its motor size and impeller type could be adjusted easily to better fit every application condition. In addition, our pumps are equipped with a control and measurement system which allows you to monitor water quality during the entire sewage treatment process.

When it comes to sterilization and additive delivery, MARQUIS water pump is second to none. Our unrivalled sterilization system and digital metering system work together to ensure cost-benefit running because there is no waste of expensive chemicals, and mechanical metering pump is also available.

For individualized sewage treatment project, we could provide customized metering and control solutions, while flocculation, neutralization and activated carbon filtration are also our specialties.