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The development of MARQUIS is based on the concern and support of the society, and we, as a creditable water pump supplier in China, are willing to repay the society through a series of donations to charities and institutes.

Donation to Orphanage in Thailand

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Zhejiang Teams International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., and to further strengthen enterprise culture construction, we organized about 30 staff to have a travel to Thailand from March 31st to April 5th in 2013 to learn more about sales condition and customer feedback from distributors there. More importantly, we visited local orphanages and donated food as well as cash. In the meantime, we decided that if one set of specified water pump was sold in Thailand, we would take 5-10 THB out from the sales amount and endow it to the orphanage.

Scholarship Endowment to Ningbo Polytechnic

On March 28th, 2013, we held a meeting in MARQUIS Hi-Tech to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Teams International. At the meeting, a cooperative agreement on scholarship donation was signed with Ningbo Polytechnic. As a response to the national call, we simplified the celebration and donated the savings to Ningbo Charity Federation. Besides, we organized the first Ping-Pong Match, which represented our spirit of "The key to healthy life is exercise, the key to successful enterprise is adherence".

Through ceaseless effort and improvement, we believe we can obtain significant development and make more contribution to the society.